a video game about mania, melancholia, and the creative process
by Jason Rohrer

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Image size: 99x100 pixels
Display size: 396x400 (for 640x480 fullscreen letterbox mode)
Game time: 8 minutes
Version: 3 (released March 3, 2008) [change log]
Platforms: --Windows 98/2000/XP etc.
--MacOS X 10.2 and later (PPC native build, works fine on Intel)
--GNU/Linux (compile yourself from source)
License: Placed in the public domain
Controls: ARROW KEYS to move, SPACE to jump
Downloads: [Note: These links point to the SourceForge download pages.]
Explanation: Read my Creator's Statement
Donations: Help me support my family

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Note: To build from source, you must have the SDL development library installed.

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