I write software. This is my full-time work, and I have no other job. Examples of projects that I have created include sixteen video games---like Passage, Between, and Sleep Is Death---and MUTE, which has been downloaded over one million times.

I release all of the source code that I write as free software (free as in "freedom") into the public domain so that others can learn from my work and make use of my source code in their own projects. I also release all of my software in compiled binary form (in other words, "ready-to-run") into the public domain, with no restrictions on use or redistribution. You can read more of my thoughts on free distribution

My spouse, three children, and I live a very simple, inexpensive lifestyle, which you can read more about here. We don't need much to survive, and with your help, I can continue making and releasing software indefinitely.

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