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The following postscript files are available for download.

Project Overview -- (46 KiB) -- A high-level description of the Dalek-Zero project and its objectives.

Getting Started Guide -- (53 KiB) -- A guide to getting the Dalek-Zero system up and running.

Control PIC Microcontroller Signal Specification -- (46 KiB) -- An input and output signal specification for the low-level control processor.

Control PIC Microcontroller Command Specification -- (46 KiB) -- A specification for motion commands accepted by the low-level control processor.

Obstacle Avoidance Algorithm -- (38 KiB) -- A description of the low-level, on-chip obstacle avoidance algorithm.

Motion Detection and Following Algorithm -- (38 KiB) -- A description of the high-level motion detection and following module.

Visual Waypoint Navigation Algorithm -- (65 KiB) -- A description of the high-level color waypoint navigation module.