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Installing seedBlogs on your web server is a simple process, and a web-based setup script is included. The text document INSTALL.txt describes this process. All of the seedBlogs function calls are documented in the README.txt file.

Server Requirements seedBlogs was developed on a system running Apache 1.3.26, PHP 4.1.2, and MySQL 3.23.49. It should work with any modern PHP/MySQL web server configuration.

Credits Most of the PHP code for seedBlogs was written from scratch by me, Jason Rohrer. Two HTML/BBCode processing functions were taken from Noah Medling's RCBlog project.
seedBlogs Features

Modular PHP / MySQL building block

Add dynamic content to any website

Build your website your way

Entire post database is searchable

Simple and effective user management system

RSS 2.0 feed support

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seedBlogs source code is free software (GNU GPL).
All website content has been placed in the public domain.