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Build dynamic websites fast

seedBlogs is a modular building block that lets you add PHP- and MySQL-backed dynamic content to any website.

If you have ever wasted time trying to get an "out of the box" CMS to look how you want it to look and do what you want it to do, then seedBlogs is for you. With seedBlogs, you design and build your website however you want---seedBlogs simply handles the dynamic part.

You can plug seedBlogs modules into your website wherever you want lists of posts (or books, or news, or quotes, or whatever) to appear. With very little effort, you can create a customized website that you and your organization can update and edit from the web.

If you already have an existing website on a server that supports PHP and MySQL, you are literally less than 30 minutes away from plugging dynamic, user-editable blocks into your site. If you want to build a dynamic website, you should download seedBlogs and give it a try.
seedBlogs Features

Modular PHP / MySQL building block

Add dynamic content to any website

Build your website your way

Entire post database is searchable

Simple and effective user management system

RSS 2.0 feed support

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