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Practical Examples

The Seedcorn website is an excellent example of seedBlogs' power. This dynamic, organization-editable site was built from scratch in less than three days of part-time work. The Seedcorn site uses seven seedBlogs, with the three most visibly obvious seedBlogs being used to display Announcements, Upcoming Events, and Meeting Minutes. The four additional seedBlogs are used to control the "features" centerpiece on the main page and the three lists in the sidebar (Organization, Programs, and Issues).

As another example, see my worklog. This seedBlogs installation includes a features blog as the centerpiece, but seedBlogs are also used to manage all three links lists in the sidebar. My worklog includes an RSS 2.0 feed of recent features.

Finally, a demo site (which is included with the seedBlogs download) is online and available for public testing. To administer this site from your browser, log in with the username test and the password test. A link at the bottom of the site allows you to restore all of the demo data back to its original state. Keep in mind that only one person can be logged in as "test" at a time, and multiple testers will probably step on each other's toes a bit. You may want use the "test" account to create a temporary administrator account for yourself before doing any extensive testing. Of course, if someone else restores the demo data, your temporary account will be erased...

The demo site is dissected in the following 1641x1161 image: Anatomy of a seedBlogs-powered website. By scrolling around this image, you can see how a coherent website can be composed of separate, dynamic seedBlogs modules. If you are not a programmer, do not be intimidated by all of the "code" in this image. Realize that most of the "code" shown is actually made up of comments for human consumption (in other words, everything in a green font is written in plain English---try reading it).
seedBlogs Features

Modular PHP / MySQL building block

Add dynamic content to any website

Build your website your way

Entire post database is searchable

Simple and effective user management system

RSS 2.0 feed support

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